About us

Since 2008, the Beijing Low-Carbon Strategy International Development Center (LCS Center) has been an organization dedicated to policy analysis, research and development, project promotion, capacity-building in environmental protection, energy and economy fields, as well as implementation of international cooperation. It aims to advance China's green and low-carbon development, increase energy-efficiency standards of industries construction and transportation, improve urban ecological environment, and promote sustainable development between the economy and society.


The LCS includes a panel of famous experts, scholars and ministerial-level officials, and has cooperated with international organizations, research institute, universities such as UNIDO, World Bank, IEEPA, Tsinghua University, and the University of Nottingham of UK. This panel of experienced consultants offers professional and comprehensive solutions for international organizations, governmental sectors, cities, enterprises and institutions.[more]

Our CSR Report

The 21th century witnesses progress and prosperity of human society on the one hand, and new environmental problems and concern on the other. In the face of increasing deterioration of our living environment, international community and different governments have responded positively and reached widespread consensus on environmental issue. Despite some achievements we made, the destiny of the planet has not been improved essentially, and environmental challenges remain severe.


Therefore, what we can do is an issue to be considered thoughtfully. You are right, we need to take an action, a sustainable action. To safeguard our common home, governments, international community, NGOs, civil society, enterprise and average people must work together to hold a common value between ourselves and our society, make our due and responsible efforts to improve environment, which is our solemn commitment to the society.


Founded in 2008, Beijing Low-Carbon Strategy International Development Center (LCS Center) is a professional organization dedicated to boosting China’s green and low carbon development, improving urban eco-environment, enhancing energy efficiency of industry, buildings and transportation, pushing forward sustainable development economy and society, and assuming corporate social responsibility (CSR). We have demonstrated our commitment to the future and contributed to the harmonious development between human society and nature by way of our own action and relevant projects. We are convinced that without commitment to the future, CSR can not last, let alone future enterprise development.


LCS upholds the Global Compact, i.e., enterprise practice based on generally-recognized principle can attribute to a stable, just and inclusive global market, even a prosperous society. Meanwhile, LCS Center encourages individuals, enterprises, civil society, government and NGOs to keep to the environmental commitment of Global Compact and to set following [more]